Interactive test - Computer Graphics


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1. Which graphics editor does give an opportunity to create an image that reminds the mosaic made from pixels?

2.CMYK is:

3. "Native" format of OS Windows:

4. Number of pixels which per unit of an area:

5. Name the description of the image which determines the amount of bits which are used for presentation of the color during coding of one pixel bitmapped image?

6. Feeling which arises up in consciousness of man as a result of operating on the visual vehicle of light:

7. Computer graphics are divided into:

8. What basic concepts are used by the color model HSB?

9. Choose graphic formats:

10. An area inside of the object is inundated by a certain color:

11. This graphics format was created in 1987 by CompuServe:

12. To remove small or complex in form fragments of images the instrument is assigned:

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