Interactive test - Working with the textual information


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1. Changing of appearance of the text:

2. To What group of textual editors it is possible to include Turbo Pascal:

3. What the key helps to move a screen upwards:

4. To get help and an advice, which are found only in MS Word one can with the help of:

5. Choose the superfluonds method of smoothing of paragraphs:

6. One of the most textual processor:

7. Choose one of the main functions of the textual editor:

8. Choose correct statements:

9. What can be done with the text by means of area of Modification of current Window Type?

10. Name function which executes the correction of orthography automatically:

11. The key by means of which it is possible to transfer pointing of the mouse to beginning of the line:

12. How many times does it need to press on the text by the left key of the mouse to distinguish the paragraph?

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