Interactive test - Utility software


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1. Any program that harms your computer and spreads without your knowledge:

2. Name the oldest of listed viruses:

3. The program, masking under utility program performs complementary functions:

4. Choose one of the classes of antivirus software:

5. These viruses can make any harmful actions which are peculiar to the viruses, but their main feature is that they are fully or partly conceal their presence. What is a class of viruses?

6. Reverse process to archivation:

7. Choose the signs of computer viruses:

8. Choose formats of archives:

9. What can be done by means of Nero?

10. What kind of antiviruses on demand of a reser or on a particular schedule do scans a computer, searching signs of a virus?

11. Archive format which was worked out by Russian programmer E. Roshal:

12. Special program which compresses data for compact storage:

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