Interactive test - Systematic software


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1. Name complexes of programs which are intended for creation of the new programs using programming languages:

2. Name the application programs of the special purpose:

3. Select the correct statement:

4. To specify extension of the name of simple text document:

5. Special folder in which during moving away the system moves selected objects:

6. An area of main memory in which temporally keep data of different formats for transference or printing between different applications or parts of one application:

7. Which of the following items are the main objects of the operative system of Windows?

8. Name the control panel buttons:

9. By means of what connections of the keys in the operative system is it possible to execute an operation "to copy"?

10. Special icons, which contain a pointer to any other element, accessible on a computer or in the network and buttons:

11. For quick browsing of the content of folders is used a special program of the operative system -

12. Thrust in a skipped word: "All, that we see on the screen of the monitor after turning on a computer and loading of the operative system Windows is named ..."

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