Interactive test on knowledge of HTML


Your browser does not support the technology of dynamic HTML in the complete measure. Probably, you disconnected JavaScript or use an obsolete version of the browser, which is not supported by DOM and CSS2. This addition will not work correctly in you browser.

1. What, in your opinion, is the main purpose of the language of HTML?

2. What tag does determine a paragraph of the text?

3. When did Tim Berners-Lee publish the first popular description of the language of marking of HTML in the Internet, known as the document of «HTML Tags»?

4. What is the color of the code of while HTML?

5. What tag does begin and end each all of row of the table?

6. What tag does determine the growing type?

7. What tags from the following list do determine elements-containers?

8. What tags from the following list do define block elements?

9. What tags are used to display lists?

10. Name attribute that is required for the tag <script>:

11. Name the year of producing of HTML editor Dreamweaver CS5

12. Sites' URL of the ecological and economic lyceum of Kamyanka District Department of Cherkasy Region

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