Interactive tests


The annotation of the site:
“Informatic's interactive tests for 9-10 forms”


The aim of the project is popularization of informatics' interactive tests for the English-language users of the Internet.

The computer project of Violetta Khodorovska, a tenth form student of the ecologo-economical lyceum of Kamyanka District Department of Cherkasy Region: Using technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript for creation of textbook "Informatic's interactive tests for 9th form"

This site is based on the textbooks: “Informatics.9th Form” (by T.L.Lysenko, J.J.Ryvkind, L.A.Chernikova, V.V.Shakot’ko) published by “Genesis”, “Informatics.9th Form” (by I.A.Zavadsky, I.V.Stetsenko, O.M.Levchenko), “Informatics. 9th Form” (by V.V.Volodin, I.L.Volodina) published by “Gymnasium”, “Informatics.9th Form” (by N.V.Morse, V.P.Weber, O.G.Kuz’myns’ka) published by “Shkolyar” and book by Artemiy Lomov “HTML, CSS, scripts: the practice of site creation”. Scripts developed after Lomov’s method became the basis of tests’ codes which are correspond the program of the 9th form. The program is counted on 1 hour per week.

In future we are planning to work out the system of tests for the 11th form of the higher profile school according to the new curriculum: Computer Science, Educational Program for the 10th-11th form, academic level.

Methodologies and Technologies

02.04.2011 | A.Lomov

Based on the methodology of well-known specialist in the sphere of Web-technologies Artemiy Lomov scripts became the basis of codes for interactive tests which are placed on the created website. The features of methodology of assessment are taken into account from Microsoft Digital Literacy.
Modern Web-technologies of Client side were used in the project: marking of languages of HTML 4.01 XHTML 1.x in combination with cascading style sheets of CSS2 and also language of scripts JavaScript.
Each test consists of 12 questions. The first six include one correct answer from few offered - for realization of choice were used switches with "radio-button".
The seventh-ninth questions are based on a multiple choice, that is why here are used "flags".
The tenth-twelfth questions suggest you to write the correct answer in a text form field.
The interactive test is not used without objective defects. So, for example to supplement it with new questions or modify existing ones, you must be not only as an user but have some knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
It is clear to organize storage of information in questions and correct answers possible by using the array, to use for data separate from the main script file, etc ... It is also possible to work out the examination mode (taking into account time). In short - there is no limit of perfection.
But it is not the main essence. If the test user will reach not only basses of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but also will learn how to formulate requirements, set objectives, see advantages and disadvantages of solutions, think systemically - it means that our work wasn't unnecessary!

Presentatiom of progect


12.04.2011 | INFOMATRIX 2011

In the computer projects (categories programming):
  • "Interactive tests for self-testing" were designed, developed with the help of language JavaScript and Dynamic HTML and were placed on the Internet site;
  • at testing by browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox practically there were no differences in the work of the site;
  • Web-site will provide access to necessary information for the English-language users;
  • this site will be useful as for the workers of educational industry as for the students of lyceums, gymnasiums and schools.